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AGH Bulletin #12

Iran Plans To Create A Regional Natural Gas Hub. Iran is looking to set up a natural gas hub in the Persian Gulf and is cooperating with Russia, Qatar and Turkmenistan to that end. The main location of the plan is Asaluyeh region, which is a port and energy hub in the southern
Bushehr province in the Gulf. The country will…

AGH Bulletin #11

QatarEnergy signs 15-year LNG supply agreement with Bangladesh. The long-term LNG sale and purchase agreement (SPA) was signed between QatarEnergy Trading with Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla) to supply about 1.8 mtpa of LNG, starting in 2026. With this new SPA, QatarEnergy reaffirms its position as the LNG supplier…

AGH Bulletin #10

PTT, Thailand’s largest oil and gas conglomerate, is planning to import up to 6 million tonnes of LNG this year due to surge of demand. The drop in the LNG spot prices is also one of the factors which likely to bring down the cost of electricity in the country. 2. This import exercise will be 2 millions tonnes higher than the amount imported last year and about 4 million…

AGH Bulletin #9

The world’s biggest oil company is investing billions in gas production as the kingdom has some
of the world’s biggest gas reserves but barely exploited them in the past. Much of Saudi Arabia’s additional gas will come from Jafurah, one of the world’s largest untapped fields. The world’s biggest oil company is investing….

AGH Bulletin #8

Volumes of LNG stored at sea increased on an annual basis this month, driven by more vessels in Asia amid high inventories and slow spot demand in Japan, China and South Korea. Additional supplies of the super-chilled fuel could further weigh on Asian spot prices, providing
some relief ahead of summer when demand….

AGH Bulletin #7

Vitol Asia, a supply and trading unit of Energy trader Vitol is delivering the first cargo of LNG to the Philippines in mid-April. This cargo will be used to cool down the floating storage unit, Ish, and commission the country’s first LNG import terminal in Batangas Bay near Manila. The LNG power generation from the 1,200 MW Ilijan power plant…. 

AGH Bulletin #6

The main existing competitor in the Pacific for Qilak LNG will be volumes from Yamal LNG of Russia. Yamal has a technical capacity of 16.5 MTPA, with at least 20-30 shipments from the Novatek led Yamal LNG project bound for Asia last year. LNG Canada, which is 25% owned by PETRONAS, whose liquefaction trains will be capable of….

AGH Bulletin #5

Australia’s east coast liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters may need to divert excess gas supply for domestic customers to stave off any potential supply shortages this winter in the country’s south. Despite increased production commitments from the industry since last year, the supply in southern Australia is declining…

AGH Bulletin #4

Energy players and stakeholders are gathered in Houston this week for CERAWeek conference themed Navigating a Turbulent World: Energy, Climate and Security. Energy transition steals the limelight. Cheniere Energy expects to ship more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Asia this year. The Federal Energy Regulatory….

AGH Bulletin #2

LNG spot prices is forecasted to be further dip below USD13/MMbtu in Asia Pacific starting for May deliveries, however it might rebound as it approaches winter due to solid demand from buyers. There is no indication on whether sellers have cargoes to offer in March and April However there are still ongoing….

AGH Bulletin #3

It was expected that LNG spot price in Asia would fall to USD10/MMBtu this week, however the price still remains in the range of USD14/MMBtu and is expected to continue to do so until next week. The market is still quiet with no transactions confirmed. It is believed that the market in Asia is watching the situation in Europe….

AGH Bulletin #1

Europe and Asia LNG spot prices are expected to go down further until summer ends, but it will rebound to USD20-25/MMBtu by winter, lower than last year. • Buyers particularly in North Asia and Europe are keeping high inventory level since late year due to uncertain ongoing tension in Ukraine; gas delivery suspension….

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