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The Bears Still Rule Oil Markets

Nowadays, the oil bulls can’t seem to catch a proper break. Just when the markets were beginning to warm up to the idea that a large stimulus package by Beijing…

Asia Surges Ahead In The Global EV Race

China has been leading the electric vehicles (EV) manufacturing race in recent years, and now the region can expect a big EV infrastructure boost to promote the uptake of environmentally…

New Energy Tech Could Transform The Internet Of Things

A Tohoku University led international research group has engineered a new energy-generating device by combining piezoelectric composites with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), a commonly used material that is both light…

A Dark Cloud Is Looming Over Chemical Stocks

Warnings from the chemical sector on the outlook for earnings are piling up — just as worrying signs about global demand and economic growth begin to multiply across the board.…

Can Quantum Computing Save Bitcoin From Itself?

It’s been a volatile year for the cryptocurrency sector, to put it mildly. The industry has faced unprecedented levels of scrutiny, scandals, and bad press thanks to high-profile fraud and…